Makeup Tips To Look Younger

Makeup is an art which if done improperly can age you instead of making you look fresher. However if done in the right way using the right products and techniques it can take years off of you. So, today we are going to tell you makeup secrets that will make you appear younger and will give a more youthful glow.

Younger Blemish free Skin

As you age, your skin gets drier and causes the foundation to settle in lines and wrinkles sometimes. To avoid that first, moisturize your face, then put on some primer which will help in the smoother application of makeup. Use a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone and go for warmer tones since they make you appear younger. Use a light formula, don’t go heavy. Finally, avoid powder as it amplifies lines. If you tend to have oily skin then just powder your t-zone.

Fresher, Rosier Cheeks

To have fresh and rosy appearance don’t forget to use blush but make sure you go for a cream blush instead of a powder one, a cream blush is much more blendable and melts into the skin. Add a hint of highlighter on the high points of your face and blend it nicely to make your cheeks stand out.

Bigger, Brighter Eyes

When it comes to the eyes area, first of all, go easy on the concealer since it has the tendency to settle into lines. Don’t forget to use a primer which will ensure that your eyeshadow does not look too powdery and is easily blendable. Go for neutral colors and switch to a gel pencil eyeliner. To finish the look curl your eyelashes which will lift them up and then use a lengthening mascara.

Nicely Groomed, Fuller Brows

As you age your brows become thinner and thinner, especially the ends. So filling them in is key to making them frame your eyes and to make you look refreshed. In case you have stray hairs don’t over pluck, you wouldn’t want a high arch. It looks comical. Fill the brows in the shade lighter than your actual hair color and use light, feathery strokes. Dab a little bit of highlighter on the brow bone to brighten up your face.

Luscious Lips

Fuller lips are a sign of youth and freshness, to achieve this look first exfoliate your lips, then use some lip primer which will make sure that the lipstick does not bleed on the sides. Line the lips with neutral or rosy lip pencils closer to your natural lip shade. Same goes for lipsticks don’t go for dark shades use warm rosy shades. At the end dab the lips with a bit of lip gloss, lip balm or just vaseline in the center, and this will give a more youthful, softer look.


So the next time you are applying makeup, and you want to use it in a way that makes you look fresher, younger and less tired keep all these tips in your mind and steer clear of all the makeup don’ts, and you are good to go.